Listen to junkie’s new song “32oz Fountain Drink”

Junkie, San Antonio-based surf rock band, released a new song today titled “32oz Fountain Drink.” The song is the second single from their upcoming album, feliz, the follow-up to last year’s w/e.

Listen to the track below.

A Year In Music: 2016 in Photos

Photos by: Isabella King and Oscar Moreno

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Bowls – Junkie

2. 6,000 Horns – Frankie and the Witch Fingers

3. Follow Me Home – The Mystery Lights

4. All Night Long – The Frowning Clouds

5. The Mending of the Gown – Sunset Rubdown

6. Party in the Backseat – Beach Moon/Peach Moon

7. I Feel This Place – Goldensuns

8. Your House – Diet.

9. Sophia So Far – Goodnight Radio

10. Tongue Action – Max Gardener

11. Happy Alone – Saintseneca

12. Psychotropic – Los Tones

13. Look So Good, Be So Good – The Shivas

14. Mean Green – Heaters

15. Feel This Way – Tangerine

16. Fade Into You – J Mascis

17. He’s Got It – Uh Bone

18. Orange Light – Cool Ghouls

19. Revelations – Dirt Dress

2o. Lips Around Your Spine – The Dang Dangs

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