the Washboard Abs

Mega Bog, Pools, The Washboard Abs at Magic Lanes in photos

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Homeward Bound – The Washboard Abs

2. vi0 Circle – Mikal Cronin

3. Gone For Good – Nobunny

4. Dress Up In You – God Help the Girl

5. Green – Diane Coffee

6. Tu es beau – Yelle

7. In the Kingdom – Mazzy Star

8. Static Buzz – Snail Mail

9. Mythological Beauty – Big Thief

10. Walkie Talkie – Palm

11. Inner over – Land of Talk

12. Julie’s Place – Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever

13. Seet Sound of Ignorance – Soko

14. Gong Mad as the Street Bins – L.A. Salami

15. Boyfriend – Markia Hackman

16. Here Tarot Lies – No Joy

17. Safe Changes – Talaboman

18. Don’t Go Back at Ten – Girl Ray

19. Colour of Water – Rose Elinor Dougall

20. Love That’s Gone – La Sera

100 Watt Horse, the Washboard Abs, Briana Marela, Duzz at Obsidian in photos

Petite Garçon, Panaderia, Déjà Blue, The Washboard Abs at the RÖDHAUS in photos

Total Goth, Xenon Superstar, The Washboard Abs at Le Voyeur in photos

Pools, The Washboard Abs (album release), Oh, Rose at New Moon in photos

Listen to The Washboard Abs new song “Comfortable”

Photo by: Lena Rose Hindes

Yesterday, Olympia-based indie pop outfit, The Washboard Abs shared another single from their upcoming album, Recurring Chasms. It follows their first single released at the beginning of March, “Submission.”

The album is set to be out April 7th via Antiquated Future. Pe-orders for the album have started on the label’s Bandcamp.

Listen below.