Someone created a 166 track playlist of almost every song from Wes Anderson films

For nearly 20 years, Texas filmmaker Wes Anderson has been making his viewers come back for more especially when it comes down to his signature sounds, which includes everything from Academy Award winner Alexandre Desplat, The Kinks, or Seu Jorge. With that, there has recently a 166-track Spotify playlist that collects almost every song in a Anderson-directed film.

Rob Dean from The A.V. Club had shared this knowledge of this gem earlier today, saying that it overlooked Mark Mothersbaugh’s orchestral arrangements and anything from Satyajit Ray on The Darjeeling Limited. However, the tracklisting still has collected songs from as far as the black-and-white short film Bottle Rocket short up until the Academy Award-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel.

There is something every Anderson fan can find here, but it is much more meaningful to listen to the entire playlist from the beginning. 

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