The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Gold Dust – Duster

2. Helicopter – Deerhunter

3. Sun Was High (So Was I) – Small Black

4. Summer of Our Discontent – Sugar Candy Mountain

5. Eliot St. – Quilt

6. Camberwell – #1 Dads

7. Burbank – Harriet

8. Hometown -Haley Bonar

9. Love Forever – The Babe Rainbow

10. Is This Sound Okay? – Coconut Records

11. Sleeves – Tough Boy

12. 2soft2chew – Ian Sweet

13. Glued to You – Tomorrows Tulips

14. Free From All Sense of Purpose – Blithe Field

15. Old Enough to Know – Tony Molina

16. Phone Sex – Cutouts

17. Ett Stilla Regn – Ashley Erikkson

18. Playing With Fire – Nick Leng

19. First Field – The Antlers

20. Now You See Everything – Stephen Steinbrink

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. You – Gold Panda

2. Dayvan Cowboy – Boards of Canada

3. Go Where You Wanna Go – Lost Integrity

4. lovers’ carvings – Bibio

5. Nobody Cares – Superorganism

6. Odessa – Caribou

7. Kinda Bonkers – Animal Collective

8.  Rose Quartz – Toro Y Moi

9. Tropic of Cancer – Panda Bear

10. Snakeskin – Deerhunter

11. I Want Wind to Blow – The Microphones

12. Don’t Let Your Mouth Go to Waste – Galaxie 5o0

13. Strangers – Lotus Plaza

14. Waves – Le Grotto

15. Tangerine – Beach Fossils

16. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

17. All Night Diner – Modest Mouse

18. Aurora Borealis – Meat Puppets

19. Sometimes – My Bloody Valentine

20. No Longer Making Time – Slowdive

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Agoraphobia – Deerhunter

2. Arm’s Length Away – Izaak Opatz

3. Gold Day – Sparklehorse

4. Be Yr Man – Hand Habits

5. The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack – Liars

6. Skin Gets Hot – Fraternal Twin

7. Some Time Alone, Alone – Melody’s Echo Chamber

8. Hymn For the Hopeless – Star Park

9. So Fast – Tape Waves

10. Somewhere You’ve Been Before – Orchid Mantis

11. Moment of Clarity – Dear Tracks

12. Dream – Jade TV

13. SoLong – School ’94

14. Not Man – Infinity Girl

15. Flaxen Hair – Savage Sister

16. Slower Now – Star Horse

17. Surrender – Leave the Planet

18. Come Around – VHS Dream

19. Value – Hideous Towns

20. In A Day – Pale Dian

Watch Deerhunter play Fading Frontier tracks on KCRW Sessions

Deerhunter went to the KCRW studio in Los Angeles to perform four songs from their October release, Fading Frontier. They played “Breaker,” “Living My Life,” “Duplex Planet,” and “Snakeskin,” as well as “Desire Lines” from the 2010 Halcyon Digest and a song they improved called “Escape From The Nursery.” After the performance, lead vocalist Bradford Cox talked extensively with the host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, Travis Holcombe, about the music industry’s politics and the distance he feels from it:

I never asked for anything. I never sent out a demo in my life. I never asked any label to pay attention to me. Do I look like someone who would ask to play your radio station? If you saw me as a 10-year-old kid, you would think, “I hope this kid doesn’t talk to me.”

Cox also gave the station a compliment and thank you for letting the band perform in the studio:

It’s nice that some radio stations still allow us to do what we want to do and not just carbon copy our album for some promotional scheme.

Watch the performance and the interview here.

Fading Frontier is out on 4AD now.

Deerhunter create interactive Fading Frontier Influences map

Deerhunter’s new album, Fading Frontiers is set to be released on October 16th through 4AD. In anticipation, Bradford Cox has drawn an interactive map of influences that went towards the album. The map includes influences from artists like R.E.M., Tom Petty, Caetano Veloso, Al Green, J.G. Ballard, Pablo Neruda, old linen, iced Earl Grey tea, “souless new car smell,” the car accident Cox was in last year, and more. Clicking on most of the entries will take you to a video, Wikipedia page, PDF, and so on associated with it. One phrase takes you to a page about Cox’s dog, Faulkner.

In an interview with Vulture, Cox talked about the influences. Discussing “the decline of the music industry,” he said:

The music industry is a giant shrieking ghost. It means nothing. It never meant much. It’s just an appalling apparition. It has no vitality. How can you expect much from someone who thinks only of profit? They’re simple creatures. I might sound so arrogant. I’m not a socialist in any dogmatic way. I don’t believe that I have the answer. I think John Cassavetes had the best answer for the creation and distribution of art: Pay for it yourself, do it yourself.

Preordering Fading Frontier is through the 4AD store will get you a screenprinted copy of the map.

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. It’s Real – Real Estate

2. Revival – Deerhunter

3. Black Rice – Women

4. Feel So Sad (Glides and Chimes) – Spiritualized

5. True Blue – Dirty Beaches

6. We Bros – WU LYF

7. Shadow – Wild Nothing

8. Surreal Exposure – Ducktails

9. Stars – The Suits

10. Open Tails – Bora York

11. Unfold – Wouie

12. Don’t Stop – Future Screens

13. Hero – Wildcat! Wildcat!

14. Symmetry – Tropic of Pisces

15. Hot Blur – How Sad

16. 17 – Youth Lagoon

17. All the Things – Clifflight

18. Demon Dance – Surfer Blood

19. Words I Don’t Remember – How to Dress Well

20. New Beat – Toro Y Moi