Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Stream Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s debut album, Hope Downs

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have released their debut album, Hope Downs, stream it below via Spotify.

The LP is their first after two EPs, 2016’s Talk Tight and 2017’s The French Press. It is their first full length full-length with label Sub Pop. The album was produced by Liam Judson. The way they approached the album in an isolated influenced the majority of the album.

The vocalist and guitarist, Joe White, talked more about the house in the country where they recorded in an interview with Enmore Audio:

“It was just a very pleasant environment to be in. There was none of the dark, cramped spaces of a studio. I slept outside every night and we cooked and ate outside the whole time. It was about being in a good, comfortable headspace when we went in and attacked the recording.”

Hope Downs Tracklist:
01. An Air Conditioned Man
02. Talking Straight
03. Mainland
04. Time In Common
05. Sister’s Jeans
06. Bellarine
07. Cappuccino City
08. Exclusive Grave
09. How Long?
10. The Hammer

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Homeward Bound – The Washboard Abs

2. vi0 Circle – Mikal Cronin

3. Gone For Good – Nobunny

4. Dress Up In You – God Help the Girl

5. Green – Diane Coffee

6. Tu es beau – Yelle

7. In the Kingdom – Mazzy Star

8. Static Buzz – Snail Mail

9. Mythological Beauty – Big Thief

10. Walkie Talkie – Palm

11. Inner over – Land of Talk

12. Julie’s Place – Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever

13. Seet Sound of Ignorance – Soko

14. Gong Mad as the Street Bins – L.A. Salami

15. Boyfriend – Markia Hackman

16. Here Tarot Lies – No Joy

17. Safe Changes – Talaboman

18. Don’t Go Back at Ten – Girl Ray

19. Colour of Water – Rose Elinor Dougall

20. Love That’s Gone – La Sera

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Tonight I Feel Like Kafka – Jealous of the Birds

2. Goodbye L.A. – Blah Blah Blah

3. Nobody Loves Me Like You – Low Roar

4. Video Child – Many Voices Speak

5. Skipping Stones – Mutual Benefit

6. Tidal Wave – Husky

7. Mary (Alternate) – Yellow Ostrich

8. C U Soon – h hunt

9. Forevertime Journeys – naran ratan

10. The Great Impression – Sparkadia

11. Redshift – Darwin Deez

12. The Not Real Lake – Loving

13. Key Largo – Arbes

14. Great Ideas – Fake Laugh

15. Charming Flow – Balue

16. Go Go Chaos – Bonjah

17. Lavender Night – Amy O

18. What Was I Thinking? – Land of Talk

19. Head Spell – Happy Diving

20. Julie’s Place – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever