Coma Cinema

The Melodic Tree’s Top 3 Albums of the Year

3. Ben Varian – Quiet Fill

Ben Varian seems to have perfected the craft of pop music. with somewhat absurd lyrics and upbeat melodies and instrumentations makes it the ultimate pop album. Bringing the mundane into lyrics and making it actually enjoyable is a very difficult feat but somehow he made it. The name of the album is also aptly titled as it filled the time Ben was not doing something else, like going on tour with Dent May or recording a 24-hour live album.

2. Florist – If Blue Could Be Happiness

Florist is one of those bands that will tug at every one of the heart strings in your body whether you want it or not. The simplicity of this album is what intitally draws the listener in and the fragility in the lyrics keeps them in. In order to make sense with a parent’s death, Emily Sprague finds logic and comfort in everyday affairs while somehow still showing empathy through the lyrics about coping with loss.

1. Coma Cinema – Loss Memory

One of my favorite projects of the last few years recently put out its final release under the name. Filled with songs digging deep into his childhood and the pain that came with it. “At home there’s blood on my bed/and no running water/there is a room i don’t go in/i see myself through the door/me and my mom used to hide there/crying our prayers through a window.”

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Window – Coma Cinema

2. Veil – The Washboard Abs

3. Cassette Jam One – Ada Babar

4. Capacity – Big Thief

5. Bread – Ben Varian

6. Time On Her Side – Future Islands

7. Heart Basel – The Drums

8. Glowing Brightly – Florist

9. Losing All Sense – Grizzly Bear

10. Road Head – Japanese Breakfast

11. Never Been Wrong – Waxahatchee

12. Baybee – Jay Som

13. 123 – Girlpool

14. Star Roving – Slowdive

15. Hard to Say Goodbye – Washed Out

16. Appointments – Julien Baker

17. The Embers – Vagabon

18. Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex

19. Real Death – Mount Eerie

20. Kept Women – Fleet Foxes

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

2. Caroline, Please Kill Me – Coma Cinema

3. Trojan Horse – Cuddle Magic

4. Feels – Walrus

5. Don’t Watch Me Dancing – Little Joy

6. Change My Mind – Autolux

7. Summer of Our Discontent – Sugar Candy Mountain

8. Blonde on Blonde – Nada Surf

9. Dg Blowing a Clarinet – Chris Staples

10. Everything is Scary – German Error Message

11. Fear & Force – Vagabon

12. O.K. – Whatever, Dad

13. Awake – Boosegumps

14. Porch – Long Beard

15. Thinning – Snail Mail

16. #23 – IAN SWEET

17. Flower Glass – Hand Habits

18. Sun’s Out – Hoops

19. Marcel – Her’s

20. Drowsy – Banes World

The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Clay Pigeons – Micheal Cera

2. Each Time I Die – Bones & Beeker

3. I’ve Got A Reason to Keep on Living – Babes

4. Boy You Loved to Watch Me Cry – Madeline, Karl Blau, Your Heart Breaks

5. Atoms – Nana Grizol

6. Hocus Pocus – Animal Collective

7. Now I Live – The Beets

8. Times To Die – Car Seat Headrest

9. Margaret Again – Us and Only Us

10. Forget Me – Summer Twins

11. Sweepstakes Prize – Mirah

12. Cool and Refreshing – Florist

13. The Leanover – Life Without Buildings

14. Memento Mori – Crywank

15. And It’s Over 1 – Moses Campell

16. I Wanna Be A Witch – Teen Suicide

17. The Art School Kids – Slow Hollow

18. Waste of Time – Elvis Depressedly

19. i was all over her – salvia palth

20. Her Sinking Sun – Coma Cinema